We Take the “Stress” Out of Distressed Properties

National Quality Construction is a one-stop solution for all your distressed property repair needs throughout the country. We are experts at bringing REO properties to market-ready condition in the fastest industry timelines.

We begin by sourcing the appropriate local contractors from our extensive vendor network. They will determine the repairs required to pass financing inspections, meet local building codes, and ultimately improve the marketability of the home. We then provide our clients with a thorough and competitively priced proposal for repairs. Once repairs are approved, we manage the entire construction process from start to finish, and ensure the quickest turnaround time so you can move the property to market.

Our clients are large capital investment funds, asset management groups and real estate brokers who specialize in the REO market. These clients benefit from NQC’s high standards, construction expertise and knowledge of industry pricing. They know they can expect direct, prompt, and consistent communication from our team because we understand and value profitable goals, budgets, and timelines. We make concrete commitments and deliver results as promised.

Why work with National Quality Construction?

  • We save our clients a great deal time. We take away the burden of locating quality vendors in obscure areas, training each vendor on client-specific preferences, and managing the day to day construction process.
  • We provide our clients with weekly progress photos and updates for each property. We send QC inspectors regularly to ensure the quality of work meets our high standards.
  • We become experts on each of our clients’ preferences when it comes to materials, specifications and procedures. We ensure consistency across our clients’ portfolio – and you only need to teach us once!
  • We serve as a guarantor (insurance policy) – that the job will be completed to our clients’ expectations every time. We have a proven track record and we hold ourselves accountable. Smaller, local vendors may attract you with slightly lower pricing – but they are also much more likely to deliver subpar results, abandon the job when the going gets tough, vanish with your draws, and exceed your budget by tens of thousands of dollars in lost money and time.